Coping with Teenagers

Are you struggling to cope with moody, angry or volatile teenagers? Here’s a link that may help you understand the ‘miscommunication’ that we can sometimes feel is right on our doorstep or in our treatment rooms:…/teen-…/helping-troubled-teens.htm. I found it particularly helpful to recognise the differences between normal and excessive behaviour and was also really interested to learn that the … Read More

Saying sorry

Today’s post is about saying ‘sorry’. I’m noticing more and more how often that I say sorry. A lot of the time I have no reason to be sorry at all. It might be a favour that I can’t fulfill because the request comes too late and I already have plans, for not wanting to purchase something just because someone … Read More

Addiction Counselling

Addiction – what is it? By definition it is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. But how does it manifest? As we go through life we develop coping mechanisms when presented with tricky, traumatic and challenging situations. When the same coping mechanism is re-applied each time it can then turn into a self-defeating … Read More

Victim Counselling

My post this week is about being a victim. Unfortunately this is because of a scam that I was essentially being lured into over the last couple of months in my professional capacity as a Counsellor. In essence I had an enquiry for couples counselling and was asked to block out 12 sessions over 6 weeks for which I would … Read More

Grief Counselling

With Christmas just 92 days away, natural disasters around the world and death from terrorist attacks, I thought I would make this post about grief, loss and change. There are many different posts and pictures on the actual process for these life changing, traumatic events but I have attached one which I think sums it up quite well. At any … Read More

Relationship Counselling

Todays post is about friendships and relationships. What is it that we really want from them and the people we are in them with? Time? Love? Support? Respect? Honesty? Contact? All of those and probably more is the reality but, in my opinion, what a healthy relationship is really about is equality and balance. In truth, we are all in relationships … Read More

Poole Anti-Ageing and Therapy Centre

I am pleased to announce that I have recently joined The Poole Anti Ageing and Therapy Centre in Parkstone, Poole. Appointments available on request via or on 07960 876360. Find out more about PAACT and their treatments at, Kind Regards, Sue Share this Post Sue Lane is based at various locations in The South: The Wimborne Clinic, situated in … Read More

Limiting Beliefs

My post today is about limiting beliefs. I think we can safely say that we all have them and that if we keep them to ourselves they can be extremely restricting and make us fearful of the outside world. So what are ‘limiting beliefs’? They are mantras and values that we pick up along the journey of life that may … Read More

One Life at a time.

Life can sometimes become overwhelming with the difficulties that we face, problems that we have to solve or situations that we have to cope with. When I left my previous job to enter the world of Counselling, a friend gave me a Good Luck card with this Starfish Poem on it. I thought I would share it, along with the … Read More