Connecting with Teens

As parents our purpose is to nurture our children through each stage of their development. Ultimately we hope to release into the world a rounded separate person. However as all parents know it isn’t that simple, everything we have ever done wrong seems to brought sharply into focus.

Here are some pointers to help you keep connected

It’s so easy today to get wrapped up yourself in work and dare I say it social media, In the UK we spend an average of 1hr 40 mins a day browsing. So have an hour a day, put the phones away and talk.

How can I help?

Sue Lane Ad.Dip.CP is based at various locations in The South: The Wimborne Clinic, situated in Wimborne, Dorset. The Natural Body Cafe Poole, and now at The Poole Anti-Ageing and therapy Centre in Lower Parkstone. Choosing a therapist can be a daunting experience so Sue Lane offers a safe space, in a non-judgemental environment for people who require counselling and psychotherapy. Sue offers an eclectic mix of therapeutic approaches to suit individual needs and cover a wide range of subjects. All Counselling sessions are confidential and Sue adheres to the Code of Ethics set out by both, The Counselling Directory and The National Counselling Society. Contact Sue via the email contact form below or by mobile 07960 876360 or via her facebook page

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